Engineering Innovative Solutions

We provide the most comprehensive portfolio of technology products and services to ensure all of your business tools work together seamlessly. Our engineering process gives your business an integrated workflow for safety, control, connectivity, and collaboration so you can perform at your best.

Engineering First

We offer a complete and innovative suite of commercial tech solutions you won't find anywhere else because we're an engineering firm - first.

Advanced Networking

Whether you need access control, surveillance with artifical intelligence or Voice over IP phones - it all starts with advanced networking capability.

Robust Solutions

Intelligent Systems is engineered to help your business perform - offering robust technology systems and infrastructure support.


Intelligent Systems delivers integrated solutions, engineered to meet your requirements and designed to exceed your expectations.


Want a network that can handle high traffic, indoors and out, plus offers the latest connection protocols? And did we mention you can configure it using any web interface?

Conference Rooms

We believe our clients want collaborative solutions that work, are easy, and anyone can use - whether you are an employee or guest with only 3 minutes to share your content.

Automation & Control

If you can't glance at a control system and immediately know how to use it - then we can help you. Control systems should work for users of all ages and experience levels.

Security & Surveillance

New technology has changed the world of facility security. Modern commerical-grade cameras include facial recognition and analytics capabilities. Let us help you engineer and integrate the system that works for you.

Sound Masking

Have an open office or an office with highly sensitive information (like a medical office, for example)? Sound masking is a great way to reduce perceived noise levels and protect sensitive informaiton.


Cost effective LED technology has changed the world of lighting but few businesses have taken advantage of the benefits. Lightring can impact team safety, productivity and morale. Let us help you optimize what you have!

Cellular Boosting

Most businesses just accept poor celleular reception in certain parts of their building or campus because they didn't know simple, cost effecitve solutions exist to solve this problem. These systems are even affordable enough for residential applications.

Access Control

Access control has moved to cloud! Businesses no longer need to dedicate resources to badging and control. We can also help you reduce captial expenses by clouid access control.

VOIP Phones

Your business requires a reliable phone system that adapts to the changing demands of the market. From customer call centers to small businesses, we can set you up with virtual lines and attendants to streamline customer interactions.


Picking the right companies and technologies to support the requirements of the customer. It's not only the product, but also their level of reliability and support.

Explore the Possible

We've made it our mission to earn the reputation of trusted partner with our customers — we'd like the same opportunity with you. Let us invest ourselves in your vision, and we'll go to work to envision and craft a custom engineered solution for you.

Reach out to take the first step to see how Intelligent Systems, LLC, can partner with you and turn your vision into reality.

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